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Assignment: Character Evaluation

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Assignment: Character Evaluation

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When it comes to movies, I really have no favorites. I love to watch them and I love to watch a wide variety of them. So, I decided to write a character evaluation on a fictitious character from the movie: Nim’s Island. In the movie, I chose to talk about one of the main characters named Nim.

To begin with, I think that Nim feel mostly under the category: Openness to experiment. In the movie, it seems to me like she is a very original, creative, imaginative, curious, and complex young woman. In the movie, she seemed to be very independent of people, while at the same time, still needing them. She and her father live on a remote island in the South Pacific that seems like an undiscovered island. When her father leaves her for a two day scientific research trip, and people show up, it is up to her to stop people from wanting to stay on their island. She becomes imaginative when creating the different tools and booby traps that she sets on the island for the people so they will not think the island is all that desirable. In order to get the island set up the way she wants, she finds books that help give her ideas about the booby traps.

I also found her to have a few things in common with the consciousness, and extroversion. I believe these traits to have an effect on the way she makes her choices because without the traits that she has she would not have been as independent as she was. She would not have ever been left alone (she is 11 in the movie) if her father did not have faith that she was able to take care of herself. She single handedly made the island like a place that the visitors did not like, and ran them all off. She is strong willed, and that helped her a lot.

With Nim being so creative she was able to make choices that made it also look like the volcano on the island was about to erupt, and that is what really got the people to leave before they ever really got settled in! Who would really want to have a fun filled vacation on an erupted...

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