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The Bus Ticket Reservation System is a web-based application that allows visitors check bus ticket availability, buy bus ticket and pay the bus ticket online. This system is established for all the home/office users after gaining access from the administrator. Chapter I is Introduction. It describes the project background, problem statement, objectives, scopes, project significance and expected output of the proposed system. Chapter II is Literature Review and Project Methodology. It describes facts and finding for electronic ticketing, describe methodology that are used to develop the system, state out project requirements, explain action plan prior to the end of the project and attach Gantt chart. Chapter III is Analysis. It is concerns with first studying the existing system, then using the information gathered to define the requirements for a new system. Besides that, analysis follows the problem recognition and feasibility phases and must be completed before the design phase can begin. Chapter IV is Design. It defines the results of the analysis of the preliminary design and the system architecture, DFD, Data Dictionary, Data Normalization, Entity Relationship Diagram are established. Besides that, it describes a plan to implement the requirements. Furthermore, details on computer programming languages and environments, machines, packages, application architecture, distributed architecture layering; memory size, platform, interfaces, and many other engineering details are established in Chapter IV. Chapter V is Implementation. It describes software development environment set-up, software configuration management and implementation status for Bus Ticket Reservation System. Chapter VI is Testing. It concerns test plan, test strategy, test design, test results and analysis used to test Bus Ticket Reservation System. Conclusion is chapter used to conclude and summary all the chapters.


1.1 Overview

This chapter aims to describe the project background, problem statement, objectives, scopes, project significance and expected output of the system. The system is Bus Ticket Reservation System. This is the project on the online ticketing system of express bus company, which in most cases; the company has problems with their ticketing and scheduling process. This project intends to computerize its semi computerized ticketing system to provide better customer service. Because of that, the company can provide the easier way of travelling to the customer or passenger.

Electronic tickets, or e-tickets, give evidence that their holders have permission to enter a place of entertainment, use a means of transportation, or have access to some Internet services. Bus Ticket Reservation System enables the bus company's customer to buy bus ticket online. E-ticket is the easier and quickest way to take bus. The online system is a new system because it haven exists in bus company and even in Malaysia. Currently, staff at the bus ticket counter is using an internal system to sell ticket at the counter. Customer is unable to buy bus ticket online at this moment and has to go to the counter to buy bus ticket. Sometimes, customer needs to queue up a long queue to buy bus ticket and ask for information. Besides that, customer also not allows buying bus ticket through telephone and Transnasional's telephone line is always busy. This brings a lot of inconvenience to the customers Bus Ticket Reservation System enables the customer to buy bus ticket, make payment, and ask for information online easily. Furthermore, staff 1 can sell bus ticket using Bus Ticket Reservation System after check bus ticket availability for the customer and print the bus ticket to the customer that queue up in the counter.

1.2 Problem Statements

System that are using by the staff at the counter currently is an internal system and just used to sell the bus ticket at the counter....
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