Assignment: Blood Disorders

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  • Published : November 23, 2010
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1. Running Heading: BLOOD DISORDERS

Blood Disorders
Athena Hackett
Health and Diseases: Understanding Paths and Pathology
June 20, 2010
Dr. Natasha Billups

In each scenario provided each person is at risk of a specific disorder. The first patient Amy, who is the four year old Caucasian female, in my opinion is at risk for the blood disorder of Iron Deficiency Anemia. Next is person at possible risk of a specific blood disorder is Marcus. Marcus is a five year old African American male with a parent that carries the trait of Sickle Cell Anemia. Therefore, the possible blood disorder he is at risk for is Sickle Cell Anemia. Last is Richard and his possible blood disorder he is at risk for is Thrombocytopenia. Each person has specific symptoms that make them at risk for the blood disorders I mentioned above.

Amy is a four year old Caucasian female with symptoms of being tired, pale skin and she is a very picky eater. Most of her foods are starches and processed meats and drinks. Her foods seem to lack the desired amount of iron needed for a growing girl. According to “decreased iron intake is a contributing factor in iron deficiency and the resulting iron deficiency anemia”. Iron deficiency Anemia is one of the more common cases of anemia. It can be controlled or prevented by adding more iron to a person’s diet. Foods that are high or rich in iron are red meats (beef), whole wheat bread, spinach, raisins and eggs. There are lots of other foods that are high in iron as well. If eating foods high in iron is not sufficient then a person can take iron vitamins to help with providing more iron to their diet. With taking iron a person has to be monitored and advised on how much they are able to take. If a person takes too much iron it could be dangerous to their health. There are also side effects with taking iron. One of the most common side effects of Iron Deficiency Anemia is constipation. Some people will have to increase...
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