Assignment: Bias, Rhetorical Devices, and Argumentation

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  • Published : April 18, 2010
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Assignment: Bias, Rhetorical Devices, and Argumentation

The speech of Kane campaigning for Governor is full of bias. The bias starts from the opening seconds of the movie clip and continued through the speech. The man in the beginning of the movie clip demonstrated a bias in favor of Kane becoming Governor. These biases are created by labeling Charles Kane as a “friend of the working man” who is an ally of the under paid and under fed. This same Kane campaigner offers up a negative bias towards the opponent Jim Gettys by labeling his time in office as an “evil domination”. These same negative biases are continued by Kane himself, calling Jim Gettys “downright dishonest”. All of these negative claims are being made without any supporting facts. The first fallacy I noticed is that Kane is claiming to be a friend of the working man and lower class. The second is the claim that Kane has already won the campaign for Governor, and the campaign has not even started yet, which is a fallacy of false conclusion. The continued attacks on Jim Gettys are an ad hominen fallacy, because the attacks are towards Gettys not the argument at hand. The next fallacy I noticed is a circular fallacy or begging the question. Kane mentions that he wants to protect the under privileged, under fed, and under paid but quickly asserts that he is too busy to make any promises. Kane’s speech for Governor also contains a couple rhetorical devices. The first one I noticed is Kane putting extra emphasis on certain words and phrases, I believe this is done to imply something. The first time this is done is when Kane said “I made not campaign promises.” There was an extra pause or elaboration on the word “promises” implying the promises of his opponent were not kept. The next rhetorical device is when Kane said that he had more than hope, implying Jim Gettys has no hope or is hopeless. This type of rhetorical device is an antithesis. The next rhetorical device is...
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