Assignment: Assessment Criteria Coverage

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Assignment Brief

Please use the headings shown below when writing up your report| Assessment Criteria coverage| Assignment TitlePlan and Implement a business strategy| Title is provided| ContextBriefly describe yourorganisation and what it does.| Context of assignment is provided| Understand the process of strategic planning (learning outcome 1)Task 1A business mission statement is an integral part of a business strategy. It provides direction for formulating, implementing and evaluating strategic activities. To get started on your assignment, start the report with an overview and explanation:Explain the strategic contexts and terminology based on the 5 criteria listed: * Missions * Visions * Objectives * Goals * Core Competencies.Task 2Different organisations will have different issues when planning a strategy. Carry out a review of the issues faced by your organisation and describe in detail: * what are the issues? * why do they exist?Task 3Describe 3 different planning techniques that you will adopt for planning the business strategy. Explain why these techniques are relevant and appropriate to your organisation.| AC 1.1AC 1.2AC 1.3| Be able to formulate a new strategy (learning outcome 2)Task 1Produce an organisational audit framework that allows you to analyse and assess the organisations internal and completive strengths and weakness. You are to produce an audit framework for two of the business areas, listed below: * Product Position * Value Chain Analysis * Demographic influencesTask 2For this task you will need to do extensive research to identify which external factors have the biggest impact on your organisation. You are required to carry out an environmental audit by using the two different analysis: * PESTLE Analysis * Porter’s 5 Forces Analysis. Task 3Identify and list in order of priority the 5 major stakeholders who have a vested interest in your organisation. Explain in detail the importance and...
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