Assignment 7: Queries and Optimization

Topics: Islam, Christianity, Jesus Pages: 3 (807 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Yaw Appiah

White Marsh Campus
Strayer University
February 4, 2013
Religious life is one of the most important on the planet. There are several religions on earth, such as Christianity, Muslim, Buddhism, Hinduism and Atheism. The beginning of Christianity is salvation. Salvation is what every person must go through in order to ask God for forgiveness of sins and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior.

Christians believe that in order for a person to become a Christian, you must believe that God exists. Christians way of ritual is by drinking the blood of Jesus and eating his flesh. The blood of Jesus is part of the fundamentals of Christian’s redemption in Christ.

By pleading the blood of Jesus, your sins will be forgiven and sickness will be healed in our bodies. The blood of Jesus Christ also drives away every evil spirit out of our life. The eating of Jesus flesh means, we all died with Christ and we were resurrected with him.

In order for a Christian to drink the blood and eat the flesh of Jesus, they must enter a covenant with Jesus by taking a communion. According to first Corinthians, “Christians cannot take communion unless they have faith that they are eating Christ’s flesh and drinking his blood.” This communion must be taken worthily. This means, your life must be lived righteously according to the teachings of Christ.

Many Christians all over the world have shared testimonies about what communion did for them. In reference to some Christians, communion healed infirmities and problems in their lives. In some churches today, they use wine and small bread and others use grape juice and lots of bread like eating in a big feast. These two elements bread and wine respectively represent the blood and the flesh of The Lord Jesus Christ.

One of the major key for taking communion is going through confessions of sins. Christians have to pray and confess their sins before they can take communion. Taking communion without...
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