Assignment 50 Enable Rights And Choices Of Individuals With Dementia Whilst Minimising Risks

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Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care (Adults) for England (QCF)

Assignment 50: Unit 50: Enable rights and choices of individuals with dementia whilst minimising risks Learning Outcome
1: Understand key legislation and agreed ways of working that support the fulfilment of rights and choices of individuals with dementia while minimising risk of harm 1.1 What is the impact of the Mental Health Act, and the Mental Incapacity Act (Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards) on individuals who are living with the experience of dementia; with regards to minimising the risks of harm whilst at the same time enabling rights and choices for the individual?

These acts and safe guards are put in place to prevent vulnerable adults with dementia from being subjected to any harmful situation or risk, The impact of the mental health act and mental incapacity act is to help carers and dementia sufferers face issues of discrimination, infringement of their human rights and choices. Poor quality of care and support breaches the right of dignity and respect. Mental health and mental incapacity act is a system that also helps carers to evaluate a service users rights and choices, enabling them to make the right decision and not putting themselves or others at risk or harm. 1.2 Evaluate whether the systems and procedures you have at your disposal in your place of work ensure that individuals with dementia are still accorded rights and choices?

Systems and procedures at my disposal in my work place to ensure that individuals in my care who have dementia are still accorded rights and choices are: HUMAN RIGHTS ACT 1998
Within the company we also have policies and procedures of equal opertunities, confidentiality policy, Whistle blowing policy, Company legislations on having regular and up to date training. All of these acts and legislations help me to form the rights and choices of the residents in my care and to make sure these rights and choices are carried out as the individual with dementia declines in health and does not have the capacity to make their own choices as they once could. Whilst the individual still has the capacity to make decisions regarding their care we have what is called an advanced care plan which we use to ask individuals of when they become too ill as the dementia progresses how they would like to be cared for, e.g. how they would like personal hygiene to be carried out, what foods they dislike and like, what they would like to talk about or regularly be reminded of. Also further on in the decline of their health preferences for end of life care, funeral arrangements, etc. 1.3 Give three examples of when, and to whom you might share personal information about an individual who is living with the experience of dementia whilst remaining within your policies and guidelines and requirements under the Data Protection Act.

Sharing personal information about an individual who is living with dementia is illegal unless you have good reason too for example:

1. If the individual in your care is at risk of harm or harmful to others, You would have to share personal information with the police, social services or any professional involvement that needs specific information on an individual.

2. If an individual with dementia is very ill you would share information with a Doctor/GP to help with health issues.

3. Change of shifts between a colleague and yourself (a handover) you may need to share some personal information on an individual who may be very ill, end of life or even behaviour problems.

Three examples all used whilst remaining within policies and guidelines of the data protection act.

Learning Outcome
2: Be able to maximise the rights and choices of individuals with dementia. 2.3 Explain why it is important in both legal terms and personal terms, not to assume...
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