Assignment 4-Bus 517

Topics: Project management, Management, Critical path method Pages: 7 (2043 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Assignment 4: Communication Strategies of a Project

Tonesha Gadson

Strayer University

Project Management (BUS 517)

Dr. Lucinda Blue

November 29th, 2012

Explain the nature of the situation and its potential impact to the project’s success

In a project, project managers do more than just putting out fires and keeping the project on track. They also innovate and adapt to ever-changing circumstances (Larson & Gray, 2012). With that said, project team members (or resources) are often assigned work outside of the project in question, and may even be involved in other projects in an organization.  It is typical in the popular matrix project organization that project team members do not report directly to the project manager, but rather a functional manager.  This makes it even more important that the project manager have the skills to get work accomplished through others.In the project life cycle, there will mostly be unexpected issues or concerns that can arise. When these issues or concerns surface, a Project manager must be geared up to deal with them. If project issues are ignored, they can potentially affect the upshot of the project and its completion. In the case of communication strategies in the description of this assignment (based on the textbook), the nature of the project team upon approaching the implementation is a staid, unforeseen, and a crucial one. The following predicaments have been observed, and strategies (as well as resolutions) will be conversed in this assignment:

1. One of the project team members wants to take a week’s vacation during a major holiday season and at a time when critical project deadlines are imminent.

2. Virtual team members report that they feel isolated.

3. Risk assessment has not been reviewed since the beginning of the project.

4. A critical path has not been explained to the project team.

Of the above listed predicaments that have arisen in the project, they are principally dealing with difficulties with the resources of the project. According to Dr. Edwin Cornelius’s presentation in Collegiate Project Services, this is also known as “people problems”. The impending impact of these “people problems” can take account of social and cultural obstacles. Project Managers can face resistance to change, departmental “silos”, lack of cooperation and teamwork, inadequate communication, lack of leadership support, and politics and infighting (Cornelius, 2006). As a result, this will theoretically cause a project to not make the grade and be unsuccessful in its entirety. A breakdown of how each of the predicaments/problems and their impacts to a project is described below.

The first predicament is that one of the project team members wants to take a week’s vacation during a major holiday season, during a time when critical project deadlines are about to happen. Unfortunately, many members of staff find themselves wanting to take vacation at any time, and at many occasions these time-off requests are made at the last-minute. This last-ditch attempt during key target timeframes could cause a lag in completion for many project tasks, and in some cases, the trigger of a dead standstill of the project completion progress.

The second predicament is that virtual team members reported that they feel isolated from the project, a common issue that can come to pass when these team members are located in different areas of the country, or even in the universe in some organizations. While statuses and updates will be communicated to the team, virtual team members may feel that not all pertinent information is communed and in turn, causing an impression of segregation (or feeling left-out) of the project.

The third predicament is that risk assessment has not been reviewed since the start of the project. In risk assessment, completing a list of all risks that could...
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