Assignment 4: Bringing It Altogether

Topics: Economics, Depreciation, Balance sheet Pages: 2 (612 words) Published: March 14, 2013
DQ 1.
The greatest financial challenges to a health care provider are its revenue cycle and receivable management. The revenue cycle is the process that includes all the administrative as well as the clinical functions that are essential and important for capturing, managing, and collecting the patient service revenue whereas the receivable management deals with the planning, organizing, directing, and controlling the receivables. Therefore when all these are taken into account with proper measures they can serve well in making the health care provider sustainable in financial decision. Well if we look at the health care organization we can concatenate many of these who are actually available for the discussion of their alternative to the short term financing. A reputed health care organization is DR. Reddy. This organization actually gains its benefits for a short span in a year. So, the short term financing money is also available for a certain period in year. The effect of which is seen on its medicine production and once it alters its other medical facilities. But, contrastingly in the period where it receives short term financing the facts are world classes as the easy facilitation of many is possible. So, it’s like when an organization is under the short term financing they can prospect themselves because they have enough option to facilitate their growth. Sort term financing is a boon of ever health care organization, but during certain periods it also brings negative impact to an organization. Therefore to conclude we would like to say that the pros and the cons are always active for a health care organization to avail the alternative of short term financing. Reference: -

* DQ 2.
Firstly, a financial ration is defined as a ratio that is important for indicating the performance on the financial situation of an organization or a firm. There are most ratios which could...
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