Assignment 302

Topics: Hygiene, Medical hygiene, Personal protective equipment Pages: 2 (385 words) Published: December 14, 2012
How infection may affect people in the workplace guidelines

If skin is pierced or cut by contaminated needles or sharp objects. Through broken skin due to cuts, scratches, rash, acne, chapped skin or fungal infections. Workers to ensure hands are washed between procedures and when using instruments. Ensure medical waste is disposed correctly.

Budget issues
Eat a balanced diet
Sleep well
Maintain a positive attitude to life
Lazy work habits

Good hygiene practice

Good hand washing
Routine cleaning of toilets and bathrooms
Washing laundry at 60 °C
Good personal body hygiene
Food hygiene, food prep areas should be disinfected
Have the appropriate personal protective equipment available Know when and how to use personal protective equipment correctly Educate others about good infection control practices
Have an annual influenza immunization
Keep up to date with your other immunizations
Stay home when you are sick
If you must work when you are ill, cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing, consider wearing a surgical mask, and wash your hands frequently

Responsibilities of care staff in relation to their own health and hygiene

Bathing daily
Wash hands before and after every task
Clean and trim nails of both hands
General grooming
Immunization e.g. Hepatitis A and B and tetanus

How PPE is used to reduce spread of infection

Personal protective equipment includes: gloves, masks/respirators, eyewear (face shields, goggles or glasses), caps, gowns, aprons and other items. These types of PPE reduce infection spreading from staff to patients or patients to staff. For example gloves protect hands from infectious materials and protect patients from micro organisms on staff members’ hands. They are the most important physical barrier for preventing the spread of infection, but they must be changed between each patient contact to avoid cross-contamination. For example if a resident has sickness and diarrhoea a...
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