Assignment 301

Topics: Health care, Healthcare, Health economics Pages: 3 (826 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Within this report there will be a small investigation into current concerns the public and other health care professionals have in regards to service users being abused and how this has affected service provision and methods of working. How the issues raised have affected public opinion towards the care industry and how their views have been altered towards health, social care or children’s and young people’s sector.

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In the recent years there have been allegations made against care homes and their staff, reporting that the service users that claimed residence in these homes, were being abused. These allegations have come from a number of different sources such as: hospitals, saying that most cases of vulnerable adults being admitted to hospital are because of dehydration. Family member of family friends reporting that the care their loved one receives is of abusing standard examples of this are: The service user can go anything up to eighteen hours without food, that the service user has been ignored even though they need assistance for incontinence problems. That the clients are spoken to in a horrible or rude manner by the care staff. All of these points made by outer or individual people point to signs of abuse. There have also been other stories in the news and throughout the care industry, that relations of the service users are putting secret cameras into the service user’s bedroom to record the behaviour of the carers that are supposed to be taking care of the service user. These cameras that have been placed have shown that in extreme cases these vulnerable adults have been abused by carers in the respect of hitting, kicking, shouting and bullying the service user. Cameras have also shown carers stealing items from the bedrooms of these vulnerable service users. All of these isolated events have happened with service users that do not have capacity to realise or understand what is happening, either due to poor health or a...
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