Assignment 3.12

Topics: Motivation, Employment, Assessment Pages: 3 (1060 words) Published: May 30, 2013

The value of assessing performance:
In our organization we have an annual formal appraisal and a quarterly informal appraisal, this is important as it s an employer’s valuation tool to determine how an employee is working and to give feedback and get an insight into feelings and ongoing development. My own informal practices are having performance indicators so that our employee’s that work on my department can assess their performances on a monthly basis based on membership sales and aerobic occupancy levels. This is important not only for the company’s KPI’s but for the employee’s motivation, having set agreed targets will give the employee more motivation to achieve their targets and help the club meet theirs. Informal appraisals will give employees more motivation, as they will be tested on sales on a more regular basis also using motivational theories the management team are able to use these theories to create effort, performance, then they will be able to receive an reward, Valence is the theory that could be used effectively with individuals and also in a team as a whole. Informal practices using KPI’s and motivational techniques will prove effective in the clubs stores trade. The management could use promotion, time off the employee’s dinner, extra money added, using these benefits with employees will let the individual feel more comfortable and will ensure that he/she will be more valued as an worker. Giving more informal appraisals on a more regular basis will prove to have a beneficial effect to the company and also to the employee. It is important that a formal appraisal has taken effect annually as it shows the employee what their strengths and weaknesses are, in finding this we are able to turn them weaknesses into their strengths enable the management team to improve the team and the all round sales and KPI’s. It is equally important to have an informal assessment, giving the staff daily targets...
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