Assignment 2 Unit 302

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Norfolk Adult Education
City & Guilds 5329- Level 3 Award in Supporting Teaching and Learning

Unit 302- Schools as organisations
Learning Outcome 5: Understand the purpose of school policies and procedures

Written Assignment 2

All schools, as with other organisations are required to have clear school policies and procedures, which are agreed principles and procedures that must be referred to when necessary. This is a legal requirement so that parents, staff, governors and others who work and helps run the school are able to work from a comprehensible set of guidelines. There are usually a large number of policies for one school. Each school may title them differently; however they all need to outline the school’s purpose, aims and responsibilities of the staff. At my school all policies can be found in the head teachers office, all labelled up with titles on the folders. They are also available to view on the school website. Schools need to ensure not only that policies are in place, but that they are updated and revised on a regular basis. Each policy is dated and given a suggested date for its revision. The head teacher along with senior teachers all have a responsibility at Wicklewood to formulate policies and ensure they are relevant to the schools vision and aims. Once they have drafted a copy or made any amendments they are checked at staff meetings by other members of staff before going to the governing body to be agreed. Schools are also expected to know about and show that they are working from national policies which relate to children, young people and families. An example of this is the every child matters framework, which has had a wide ranging impact on provision for children and young people nationally. As part of this and community cohesion, schools have been developing their central role in local communities through activities such as extended schools programmes. Ofsted will inspect this criterion and expect schools to show clearly...
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