Assignment 2 P3

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Kate Kelly
Assignment 2
P3: Outline the legal framework relating to the protection of children.

What is legal framework? Legal Framework is a group of documents regarding the law. According to Cambridge Dictionary framework is a supporting structure around which something can be built a system of rules, ideas or beliefs that is used to plan or decide something.

The Every Child Matters Legislation has five outcomes which aim to ensure the safeguarding of children. The aims are: 1. Being Healthy
2. Staying Safe
3. Enjoying and Achieving
4. Making a Positive Contribution
5. Economic Well Being
These aims ensure that the child is safe, happy and secure in the environment they are in and also ensures that they are protected from all harm.

The Data Protection Act, was introduced in 1998 and works to ensure that children are secure through all information regarding them kept confidential and safe. Information is kept both on computer and paper records in a secure locked room. This act is important as it ensures that sensitive information isn’t used for the wrong purposes or that information doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

The Human Rights Act 1998, the act came into force in 2000 and it includes details of the rights of every individual in society. These rules include children’s right to life, a child’s protection from slavery and his/her right to education. The Human Rights Act is vital in ensuring that society is fair and provides equal opportunities for every child.

The Special Educational Needs and Disability Act are made up of two parts, the first part was introduced in 1995 and the second was introduced in 2001. The first part of the act was introduced to give Children with special educational needs the right to study in a mainstream school. The second part of the act was introduced to increase the civil rights of disabled children and adults in schools. This gives them the right to equal access and the right of inclusion....
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