Assignment 2.1: the Public Needs to Know

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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Dr. Wilbourne
November 17, 2012

I have always taken a strong liking for technology. Technology is a big part of our society, and I personally use some sort of technology on a daily basis, along with several other individuals. I use various types of technology everyday such as my cellular phone, my tablet, my Bluetooth, and my computer just to name a few.

Since an early age I have been interested in technology. I can remember as a little boy, wanting to play with the phone or the remote control. I was fascinated by all the different buttons, and wanted to discover what each button could do, or rather control. I found to be such a discovery when the television station would switch as a result of my dad pushing a button on a remote control. I can even remember one day when my mom brought home her laptop and began working. I just sat patiently watching her press various keys, waiting for her to offer me a chance to play and press keys. Little did she know, I not only wanted to play with the laptop, I really wanted to study and learn more about it. I wanted to learn exactly how it was put together, what it could do, and if I could make it do even more than my mom thought it could do. Over time my liking for computers and technology grew tremendously. I realized I began to have a passion for technology. I believe that my liking or passion is a true example of developmental psychology. I realize that my liking has been sort of transformation over time. The more and more I learn and discover, the more I develop my repertoire of information, rather it’s taking a course to study technology, or even purchase a new product, like my latest investment which was a computer monitor.

I have a strong appreciation for technology, because I believe it’s what makes the world go round and continue to evolve. Since technology made it’s big presence years ago, many things have become much more easier and bettered the lives of many. As a teenager, I remember using a...
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