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I have been blessed because you gave me a lot of opportunity. I would like to say “Thank You” because allowed me to further my study in local University. Before this, I have decided to quit from Intec because I could not survive in my life there. I already faced all the experience there and I thought I just wanted to further my study in local. I absolutely will excel if I further my study in local because there is not using American English. 1. Which University have you chosen and why did you make the decision to go that university? I have chosen Asia Pacific University (APU) because this University is the best than others. I heard that APU is the best University for business subject. I think this is my best decision because I have a lot of friends there. So, with the help from my friends, we could hold our dreams together. Next, we could study together to get flying colour results. They also could be my loyal supportive whom they would give me a spirit to come up in my life. In order to excel in business, I think APU is the right choice because I can learn more about IT in business. 2. Which degree course have you chosen?

I already checked and I believed this is my opportunity to learn more business in degree later. However, I do not decide yet which business that I will pursue in APU because there is lot of branches in business which are business management with specialism in E-Business, international business management or business in human resources. However, I think business in human resources is the most I like because I have relatives who do the same and they also have a large income. Only I have to decide later after the foundation because I want to success in my foundation first and then I will continue which part of business branches that I think I could do well in my degree. Moreover, the place of APU is nearly KL. So, it could easy for me to go around finding my research and attending Sols Program during my weekend.

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