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Performance Appraisals
Presenters Ilze McMullen & Agata Morina

• Link between National Quality Standard and Performance Appraisals • What is a Performance Appraisal • How to develop Professional Development Plans

National Quality Standard
In making decisions about operating education and care services and working to achieve the National Quality Standard and improve quality at the service, the guiding principles of the national quality framework apply. These principles are that: • • • • • • The rights and best interests of the child are paramount Children are successful, competent and capable learners Equity, inclusion and diversity underpin the framework Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures are valued The role of parents and families is respected and supported Best practice is expected in the provision of education and care services.

Quality Areas
The National Quality Standard comprises quality areas, standards and elements. There are seven quality areas in the National Quality Standard. The quality areas are: 1. Educational program and practice 2. Children’s health and safety 3. Physical environment 4. Staffing arrangements 5. Relationships with children 6. Collaborative partnerships with families and communities 7. Leadership and service management. Each individual quality area contains a number of standards which are high level outcome statements. The National Quality Standard contains 23 standards

Staffing Arrangements
Element 4.2.3 draft guide to national standards

A quality program relies upon nominated supervisors, certified supervisors, educators and coordinators having a thorough knowledge of current early childhood and/or middle childhood theory and practice. The approved provider, the nominated supervisor, educators, coordinators, families and children benefit when there are processes for the nominated supervisor, staff members and volunteers across the education and care service to regularly review and develop plans to update their knowledge, skills and practices in light of current research and practice, and according to their specific areas of interest or areas requiring further development

Staffing Arrangements
How the service will be assessed Sight • documented position descriptions for educators, coordinators and staff members that: • clearly outline the responsibilities of the position • clearly explain the approved provider’s expectations • are used as the basis for monitoring and reviewing educators’, coordinators’ and staff performance

Staffing Arrangements
Sight • evidence of participation by educators, coordinators and staff in professional development activities to update their knowledge and skills • evidence that performance reviews for all educators, coordinators and staff are conducted at the conclusion of the probationary period and at least annually and include a process for reviewing and updating individual’s professional development plans based on an evaluation of their professional strengths, interests and goals

Discuss • The opportunity for educators to provide feedback about the effectives of the support provided by the coordination unit.

Leadership and Service Management
Quality Area 7 • Effective leadership contributes to sustained quality relationships and environments that facilitate Children’s learning and development. Well documented policies and practices that are developed and regularly evaluated in partnership with educators, coordinators, staff and families contribute to he ethical management of the service. There is a focus on continuous improvement.

Leadership and Service Management
• • • • How is the leadership in our service contributing to the development of a positive organisational culture? How can we improve the way we share leadership across the team and develop the skills and capacity of team members? How are we creating opportunities for professional conversations? How can we share the...
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