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Assignment File 1

Assignment 1
Due date: Weighting: Word limit: 14 May 2013 25% of the total marks for this course 2,000 words

Part 1: Case analysis
Please read the following case online and answer the questions below: Ihlwan, M (2009) ‘Do the chaebol choke off innovation?’ Businessweek, 3 December: 2.htm 1 This case examines how Korean chaebol may have been creating a diverging economy in South Korea. In fact, the development of Korean chaebol was strongly related to the Japanese business systems. Discuss the relationships among Japanese zaibatsu, kaisha, keiretsu, and South Korean chaebol. (15 marks) Use examples from the case to analyse how strong the chaebol are in South Korea. (10 marks) According to the case, the chaebol have become so dangerously powerful that more control of them is necessary. Why are the chaebol dangerous to startups and suppliers? (15 marks) It is mentioned in the case that some Korean policymakers are considering developing new policies. Based upon the information from the case, your understanding of the chaebol system, as well as your research on the current Korean market environment, do you agree with such policy development? Why or why not? (30 marks)

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Part 2: Essay question
5 This question is about cultural characteristics. a b Provide a brief discussion of Hofstede’s six cultural dimensions and Confucianism. (10 marks) Which cultural characteristic(s) do you think have the greatest impact on how managers manage in Hong Kong? Why? You may use examples or personal experience to help elaborate your choices. (20 marks)

Guidelines 1 2 Your assignment should be typed or produced on a PC. Your answer should be in essay form. Use complete sentences.


MGT B396 Asia Pacific Issues in Management

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You can provide any statistics, tables or graphs in an appendix for reference. Your answer should clearly show your understanding of the...
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