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  • Published: May 9, 2013
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Unit 4 Poem Project

Name: _______________________________ Class: _____ Due Date: 5/ 8 /13

ASSIGNMENT: You must create your own original poem. It can be about anything (if you are questioning your topic or language, get approval from me). Be creative, use descriptive and figurative language. Be consistent and purposeful with your vocabulary (if using slang, use it throughout the poem and very obviously; if using detailed, descriptive words, use them throughout the poem, etc.).


• Form: Correctly choose and follow one of the types of poetry found in your “Poetry Packet”.

o For example: if you choose to do a lyrical poem, it must follow the format and rules of that type.*Can choose another type, get it approved

o **Minimum: 5 lines
• Word Usage: vocabulary is precise, vivid, and paints a strong, clear, and complete picture in the reader’s mind. o Use the same type of language throughout the poem and very obviously so that you are consistent and it doesn’t look like you don’t know what you’re doing with your poem. • Poetic Techniques: Use 5 of the Poetic Devices found in your “Poetry Packet”

o For example: simile, metaphor, personification, rhyme, symbolism

o **You can count using couplets, triplets, or quatrains as one of your devices

• Appearance/Formatting: Written legibly out on computer/colored paper or typed with a font that can be read. Be sure to think strategically about the formatting and what it looks like.

o You may illustrate around it if you wish.

o Give your poem a title and make sure it appears on the page.

• Language Conventions: Few grammar, spelling, punctuation errors (If they are errors made on purpose to impact the meaning, you should explain that as being part of your style and you should do it consistently throughout the poem. Don’t let it look like a mistake.)

• Complete the “Poem Project - Analysis” worksheet...
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