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Dear Ace Club Member, QUBEE is 3 now, and it has been an exciting journey filled with success, failures and learning. QUBEE wants to say Thank You for being with us, and wants to reiterate that fact that we want to reward our loyal users. It is our great pleasure to introduce our first Loyalty Card, made only for the valued users who have been with us for the last two years. We thank you for being with us in this journey and congratulate you for being our QUBEE ACE CLUB Member! QUBEE ACE CLUB Member is eligible to avail: 1. SMS based Help line We have created a dedicated SMS portal that will only serve our QUBEE ACE CLUB Members in the shortest possible time. Now you will be just an SMS away from receiving our customer service for you. Just go to your message option from your cell phone, type ‘QUBEE support’ and send to 2777. We will take care of the rest! 2. Extension of Bill Pay Period Now you can enjoy the flexibility of your bill payment period. Being our QUBEE ACE CLUB Member, only you can pay your monthly bill till the last working day of the due month. This service is made possible so that you can keep more time for yourself and play with our QUBEE internet longer! 3. Any package migration Only ACE CLUB Members can migrate their QUBEE account across all packages we offer. Be it from PRE PAY to Monthly Package or Vice Versa. You can now decide how you want to play and discover your world of limitless possibilities. 4. Device Exchange You can Exchange your current QUBEE modem with any other QUBEE modem of your choice anytime!

If these offers are not enough, than you are just the kind of members who belong to QUBEE ACE CLUB! Yes, we are not just stopping here; rather we are going to keep adding more to your delights as you play along with us. Special discounts from your lifestyle brands to delights that you don’t expect from your service providers are all coming your way!

For any queries, please call QUBEE Hotlines 02 895 99 11 09 / 09604078233 Or visit...
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