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Precious Randle
PHI200: Mind And Machine
Sundie Goulding
July 29, 2012

Some people think abortions should be legal and some do not. Abortion means ending a pregnancy before the fetus (unborn child) can live independently outside the mother. If abortion happens before 24 weeks of pregnancy, it is called a miscarriage. The decision to have an abortion is extremely personal and varies drastically from individual to individual. If you are considering an abortion, think carefully about what is right before taking action. This includes not just how you feel now, but how this might affect you in the future.

They have two types of abortion medical and surgical. Medical termination is possible without surgery. Medical abortion uses two different drugs, methotrexate or mifepristone, which may be followed by another drug called misoprostol. Surgical abortion is the most common type of abortion. It is a surgical procedure that involves anesthesia (mild sedation) and can be performed within the first trimester of pregnancy. (Mary, 1960)

Abortion is quite the controversial matter in society today; however, it is not widely discussed, and therefore it is hard for one to express their opinions on the matter. Regardless, many people have their views on the subject, a general view as to why abortion should or should not be practiced. The biggest problem with abortion as of now is the facts people use to back up their own personal beliefs on the issue. Abortion is a social issue also. Relationships among abortion attitudes and attitudes toward other social issues and groups, including how they differ on the basis of religion, race, and class.

An abortion remains one of the most controversial topics in the United States culture and politics. Abortions happen a lot with teenagers, mothers that are on drugs and mothers that are rapped. Today, philosophical and social arguments against abortion, and on behalf of the right to life of the fetus,...
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