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  • Published : March 15, 2013
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1) discuss the difficulties in measuring the national income

2) short notes on

3) expalin critically says law of market.

4) explain keynes psychological law nd its implication.

5)expalin the concept of aggregate demand and aggregate supply

6)what do u understand by consumption function and explain factor influencing consumption function.


1) define hrm and its nature and scope
2)role of hr manager in an organization 
3)Explain recruitment and sources of recruitment
3)short notes on:-

job design, difference b/w personal mgt and HRM

assignment no. 2
1)what is total quality management? and explain with principle and 4 concept? 2)Elaborate the role of human resource development nd TQM

3) short notes on:-
a)employee training
b)supervisory training
c)executive development

4) what is career anchor? explain in brief EDGAR SCHINS concept of career anchor

Assignment  international business
1) Explain different b/w domestic trade business and international business? 2) comment appreciation of indian rupee in terms of dollar is favourable or not? 3) approaches of int. bus.

next assig.

1) International trade theories 
a) mercantilisim 
b)asolute cost advantage
c) compartive advantage
d)Huckscher ohlin theory
e)product life cycle theory
f) porter diamond theory

next Assgn
Explain in brief exporting importing nd counter trade.
Assignment  international business
1) Explain different b/w domestic trade business and international business?

he following are the major differences between domestic trade and international trade:- 1.Mobility in Factor Of Production * Domestic Trade: Free to move around factors of production like land, labor, capital and labor capital and entrepreneurship from one state to another within the same country * International Trade: Quite restricted| 2.Movement Of Goods * Domestic trade: easier to move goods without much restrictions....
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