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NLU-IMT COLLABORATIVE PROGRAMS MS IN CYBER LAW AND CYBER SECURITY II SEMESTER INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS IN DIGITAL ENVIRONMENT-I (NLU-03) ASSIGNMENT Max. Marks-30 Last Date of Submission- 31 December, 2012 Address for Submission: The Director NLU-IMT Collaborative Programs National Law University NH-65, Nagour Road Jodhpur Instructions: 1. 2. 3. Marks are allotted against each question All the questions are compulsory The assignment should be hand written 1. State reasons as to why WIPO cannot be called as the body governing

International relations and conduct of Intellectual Property Trade throughout the world. (3 marks) 2. How does the DRM help in the copyright protection and enforcement? (4

3. Write a short note on jurisdictional and choice of law issues in cyber space. (3


4. Explain how the Information Technology Act, 2000 addresses the civil and

criminal liabilities for data protection. Also discuss the grey areas of the said legislation. (5 marks) 5. What are domain names? Explain the role of UDRP in resolution of domain

name disputes and comment on the merits and demerits of the same. (5 marks) 6. Jason runs a news site compiling news from different sources. Through of the

news items, it provides a deep-link into the website of a leading news site, thus skipping its main page. The owners of the website get to know of this and feel concerned by the revenue which has hit as a result of by-passing of he advertisements on the main page. The owners thus, contact you (as their consultant/attorney) seeking advice as to the course of actions that they should take. Advise them considering that all parties are Indian residents and citizens. (10 marks)

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