Topics: Plug-in hybrid, Hybrid electric vehicle, Toyota Prius Pages: 1 (283 words) Published: December 20, 2012
The Toyota prius is the worlds first mass produced hybrid car and although other hybrid cars were no success the prius is sold very good all over the world. From there home country Japan to the United States and also in Europe now. Everywhere people welcome the prius with open arms. Why the prius did become such a successful car? The biggest reason for the prius to become a success is its hybrid engine, people like it, not mainly because of the low exhaust gasses it produces, but mainly because of its high mile to the gallon number. The fuel keeps getting more expensive and with the prius being affordable for many people it saves them money on the fuel. The second part which help the sales of the prius is the very good name of Toyota, know for its reliability. If a new company, unknown to the crowd would have produced the same car it would probably never been such a success. It a new technique which might scare people away, but the name of Toyota made them believe that although it was new and different it still was a reliable car.

Next to that the prius is very well able to stand up in the busy C-segment. Although the segment has cheaper cars, the Toyota offers a very high amount of value for money. The car is standard very complete and many extras are available. The prius is therefore usable for many different kinds of people, from family’s businessman, the prius fits all. Overall Toyota introduced the prius at the right time; the world was ready for a hybrid car, saving the environment and the wallets of its consumers.
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