Topics: Marketing, Sales, Customer relationship management Pages: 2 (276 words) Published: December 14, 2012

ASSIGNMENT I 1.(a) Marketers can create wants. Do you agree? Give reasons to support your answer. 1.(b) Discuss the significance and challenges of marketing in the liberalized economy.

2. Explain the concept of Product Life Cycle. Discuss its various phases with the help of suitable examples.

3. Extensive market segmentation is a relatively recent phenomenon. Until about sixty years back many firms offered a single basic product aimed at the entire mass market (Such as Coca Cola or Levi jeans). But in recent years many firms including industrial goods manufacturers and service producers as well as consumer products companies have begun segmenting their markets and developing different products and marketing programs targeted at different segments. Which environmental changes have helped spark this increased interest in market segmentation? What advantages or benefits can a firm gain from properly segmenting its market?

4. Explain the concept of positioning. Discuss the techniques for positioning with the help of suitable examples.

5. What is branding. Discuss the significance of branding. Explain brand extension with the help of suitable example.

ASSIGNMENT II 6. What is price discrimination. Discuss the various bases for price discrimination with the help of suitable example.

7. Explain sales promotion. Discuss the sales promotion offers.

8. What do you mean by salesmanship. Discuss the steps involved in selling.

9. Discuss the significance of internet marketing. Would internet marketing be able to replace the conventional way of marketing in future. Give reasons for your answer.

10. Explain Customer relationship management. Discuss its importance in marketing in the present day context.

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