Assignment 1 Ptlls Teacher Role and Responsibilities

Topics: Education, Teacher, Data Protection Act 1998 Pages: 3 (1117 words) Published: October 28, 2012
Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector
Assignment 1
Teacher role and responsibilities

This essay will highlight the roles and responsibilities of the teacher teaching in post 16 education. Below are some significant ones. 1. Professionalism: Turning up on time, dressing according to the college guidelines. Making sure you carry out your work according to the rules & regulations. Communicating & addressing students and staff appropriately. 2. Facilitate learning: This would involve preparing lesson plans & creating any associated resources. Delivering the session in the best possible manner for the students. Testing & marking work so students are able to gain feedback on their progress. 3. Subject knowledge: Knowing the subject extremely well & actively keeping on top of new developments in the subject area or teaching practice. 4. Understand student needs: Making sure the course & college meet the student’s needs. If there are shortcomings then the teacher should be able to refer students to a professional. 5. Organisation: As a teacher you have to complete attendance records for the college as well as maintain records on the learner’s progress for the benefit of the student. Setting assignments at the right time as well as giving them back at the right time. Booking the right rooms at the right time as well as entering students for the exams are just some examples where as a teacher we have to have great administration skills. 6. Confidentiality: Students may from time to time experience difficulties whether in their personal lives or because of college which affects their learning. A teacher must be able to direct students to the best place for help while at the same time keeping any issues confidential. 7. Staff meetings: As teachers we have to attend staff meetings within the department or college to discuss matters affecting the staff or students. 8. Continued professional development: To be a good teacher...
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