Assignment 1 Part 2 Sustainable Development

Topics: Natural environment, Sustainability, Environment Pages: 4 (1188 words) Published: October 26, 2012
The environment and the global economy are intrinsically linked. The environment provides natural resources that promote economic growth which in turn has caused the destruction of vital eco systems (Miller, 2010 pp 6). If we continue to live as we are, consuming, polluting and clearing precious land at an ever accelerating rate (Ede, 2008 pp 20), we are in fact destroying our very own vital life support system (Miller, 2010 pp 5). The need for change towards sustainable development means to live off the earth’s natural resources without depleting them (Miller, 2010 pp 6).

This essay argues that sustainable development is the answer to the world’s environmental and economic problems. Its purpose is to outline my understanding of sustainable development and to discuss what the authors Ede (2008), Collier (2007) and Monbiot (2006) have contributed to it. For the purpose of this essay I am referring to ‘development’ in the context of human socio economic growth. Brundtland defines sustainable development as “development that results in the needs of the present being met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” (Sutton, 2004).

To begin I will analyise each of the authors perspectives and also provide my own based on my experience, and then highlight any similarities, gaps or differences between them.

According to Monboit (2006), urgent change needs to take place to reduce our carbon emissions by 90 percent by the year 2030. If we do not then it is a very real possibility that we have missed our opportunity to cool the Earth’s atmosphere from heating which would result in a catastrophic outcome. However, Monbiot believes it is possible to meet the challenge by adopting sustainable development, in particular through the development of environmental science and technologies. He explains that previous environmental campaigns have failed because the majority of environmentalist lack integrity, and that it is virtually...
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