Assignment # 1: Description of Venture. Bus 521

Topics: Risk, Entrepreneurship, Economy of Algeria Pages: 3 (876 words) Published: December 3, 2010
ASSIGNMENT # 1: Description of Venture.
This document presents an analysis of the description of a venture. The business plan for a commercial venture a tool that serves both the internal management needs of the private entity and the informational needs of external entities who are critical to the venture’s success. Specifically, the business plan is a guiding document because it establishes the venture’s business objectives, strategy and approach to achieving those objectives, and also serves to provide a tool for monitoring and controlling venture operations. Introduction for the New Venture

The new venture will be a restaurant specializing in Algerian foods. The restaurant will be new medium-sized located in a trendy neighborhood of Algeria. “Abdou86's” emphasis will be on organic and creative ethnic food. Many countries in North Africa have the same main dishes such as rice, sauces, couscous, maffenn and so on. Opening a restaurant serving theses varieties of food will be a big success. I will also provide catering services for ceremonies such as weddings, graduations and all the parties. The location of the restaurant is very accessible by bus, by car and by pedestrians. There are many people from Algeria, working and going to school around there. “Abdou86” will employ the most experienced Algerian chefs who are very good at cooking the most authentic Algerian foods. Customers will have the choice to eat in, carry out or food can be delivered to them.

The Market Opportunity
The market conditions have a significant impaction the profitability of a restaurant. The strength of the local market affects how many customers you will serve and the menu prices that you can charge. This guidebook will help you analyze your market so that you can gauge the potential of your existing or proposed operation and make more informed operating and investment decisions. The Market Entry Strategy

A market entry strategy is the planned method of...
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