Assignment 1: Criminal Justice Process

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  • Published : April 12, 2012
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Assignment 1: The Criminal Justice Process
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Criminal justice is the structure that the government applies during social control, law imposition and justice administration. This process embraces all the steps and traditions of justice administration, streaming from the discovery of delinquents to their probation or confinement. It includes the apprehension of suspects by law enforcers; charging and prosecution of the alleged lawbreakers; court arraignments and convictions; preparation for communal penalties; as well as the psychoanalysis and reincorporation of reprobates into the society. Effective comprehension of this process enables the parties involved to attest justice.

The Course of Administration of Justice in the Criminal Justice System Entry into the System
According to Neil (2007), cases often gets into the adult justice system when law enforcers receive a statement from casualties, witnesses, communal movements or even from the law enforcers themselves. Afterwards, law enforcers scrutinize the felony so as to collect enough evidence that validate the suspect’s apprehension. After gathering enough evidence, the responsible officers are free to pursue, and detain the alleged offender, before arraigning him or her in a court of law at predetermined date. However, this decree will consider the enormity of the offence among other factors. The suspect has the right to decline the charges either in person or via attorney, and in case the adjudicator perceives the claimants evidence as inadequate, the case might consequently be dropped as noted by Bryan & Paul (2002). Prosecution and Pretrial

Following police investigation, the prosecutor decides whether the information provided by the law enforcers certifies the arraignment of the accused in court (Bryan & Paul, 2002). Afterwards, the accused attends a court session to be conversant with his or her legal...
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