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  • Published : December 8, 2013
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In order to write a philosophy of nursing, I believe that first I must decide what philosophy means to me. It has been defined as “a study of problems that are ultimate, abstract, and general. These problems are concerned with the nature of existence, knowledge, morality, reason, and human purpose” (Teichman & Evans, 1999, p. 1). Nursing is a discipline of knowledge and professional practice grounded in caring. Florence Nightingale revolutionized the way in which people view nurses and the way in which nurses respond to their responsibilities. By transforming the nursing profession from a curing nature into one that focuses more on the nurturing aspect of care allows one to reach their optimal potential for a healthy life.(Selanders, 1998) Nightingale’s four elements that she viewed as the meta-paradigm of nursing have served the nursing profession well for the past one and a half centuries. I feel very strongly in the foundation of Nightingale’s ideals and have adapted them into my own philosophy of nursing. The key to the development of theory: 1. Strong foundation of knowledge and understanding. 2. Willingness to learn and be open-minded to new ideas. 3. Make the most out of nursing/ enjoy the work, be the best nurse one can be. 4. Continually think about how one can have an impact on either a patient or on the nursing community as a whole. 5. Reflection Nursing makes a unique contribution to society by nurturing the wholeness of persons and environment in caring. Philosophy of science provides a useful frame of reference in which to understand the unfolding of nursing as a discipline. It should not be seen as a distraction but rather a significant step in the transformation of the doctoral student into a productive nurse scientist. Science is concerned with casualty (cause and effect) is both process and product. Science has come to represent knowledge, and it is generated by the application of a variety of procedures or methods to acquire that knowledge....
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