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Topics: Database, Human resources, Database management system Pages: 5 (1616 words) Published: May 31, 2013

Systems Consideration in HRIS
Jamelle Reeves
HR Information System
January 27, 2013

Human Resources play a major role for most companies. It ensures that the company has set rules and regulations that allow the company to run smoothly. The use of HR database systems is very important to help meet the needs of the business. These systems allow your HR Team to start working more efficiently while better utilizing time and resources. The best HR database software will help you organize all your employee files and put this information onto a single searchable database.

NuView Systems, Inc. provides a wide range of services to ensure that your implementation is both on time and on budget, and that you take full advantage of the software's ability to implement The project manager will help configure a system that reflects the unique work environment, and suggest ways to improve workflow, reduce administrative overhead and maximize staffing resources. This system will help control workflow, generate required reports and use your human resource data more effectively to set strategic policy that aligns with the organization’s goals. One advantage that sets this information system apart from others is the available module for applicants. Applicants can create, track requisitions, scan resumes, call up standard interview questions and send out standard response letters (Hedger, 2008). This system is extremely easy to use and navigation is seamless. Another advantage is that the system allows the user to access, understand and respond to information quickly and effectively. Users can easily get the most accurate information needed to do an activity and also offers users a variety of ways to change and present information, as well as perform different tasks. Although this system is very useful and effective it also has some disadvantages. These systems may not 3

always function properly. For example, some systems may break down, interrupting operations and causing customer dissatisfaction. Also, defective information systems can deliver the wrong information to other systems, which could create further problems for the company.

HRIS-Pro is a full-featured human resource information database that is equipped with extensive human resource tracking and powerful reporting capabilities. The system allows users to manage payroll integration, and processes automated notification. HRIS-Pro's base employee module tracks employee-related information such as benefits, flexible spending accounts, compensation, qualifications, safety/OSHA, and COBRA. Optional features include Time-Off, Payroll Interface, and Applicant/Requisition Tracking (Weatherly, 2005). One advantage of this great system is that it easily allows for unlimited user-defined reports that can be sent to the screen, file, printer, or e-mail and gives complete control over selection, sorting, layout and report content. It creates spreadsheets so that data fields can easily be added to ensure data is entered accurately. These easy to use modules and reports are some of the reasons why this database system is very successful. A disadvantage to this system is the cost and time needed to keep this system up and running. This system is expensive and needs a lot of maintenance and updates to make sure it is updating properly. HR Quick is a commonly used human resource database system that allows users to easily use and track reports. I would recommend this system for my organization because it is very effective and easy to use and manage. Some great benefits of this system includes: Employee data which organized and simple to use. Reports are simple to run and all data is generated in Excel HR. New hire and termination forms are generated automatically and are real time. Users can track benefit plans and costs by employee name. Software as Service also known as SaaS is a...
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