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Topics: Dow Jones Industrial Average, Educational psychology, Financial statements Pages: 3 (736 words) Published: April 7, 2013
00000 Assignment Brief|
Title of Access to HE Diploma: BTEC Higher Nationals from 2010 – XXXX| Unit title(s): Unit 2. Managing Financial Resources and Decisions| Unit code(s): H/601/0548| Learner: | Assessor: | Internal Verifier: |

Title of Assignment: Principal-Agent problemRelated learning outcomes: 1 Understand the sources of finance available to a business
| Assignment Number:__1__ of __8__for this Unit|
Date set: Feb 26, 2013| | Date for final submission: Mar. 5, 2013| Learner declaration: I confirm that this assignment is my own work and any assistance received has been acknowledged and all sources have been stated.Signature: Date: | Scenario: You are a management consultant and help people improve their business performance. And you have been invited to assess the performance of several companies in Bishkek. But before your visit to Bishkek you have decided to look at the world’s most known and largest companies in order to have a good comparison benchmark. Grading: If no merit and distinction descriptors are stated below then there is no opportunity to earn Merit or Distinction grades for this assignment.| Sources of information :

Lecture slides, lectures 1 – 2, web resources (web sites of the companies, their annual reports and other documents)| Possible evidence: Written document (paper) with answers for each questions of no more than 200 words, print outs of official documents from researched companies must back / support each of your answers | Tasks (to achieve a pass; all learning outcomes and associated assessment criteria must be met.):| 1st Task: 1.1 Identify the sources of finance available to a business Select three companies included in Dow Jones Industrial Average index and compare their financial statements. What sources of funding do these companies use? Related...
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