Assignment 1

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Assignment 1
Management 340
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Question: Watch a football and pick a team and write an assessment of the wining team and losing team. Why do you feel the team won and also why the losing team lost? In American football, there can only be 11 players from each team on the field at one time. There are usually about 45 players that are cycled through each game, and a team can have no more than 53 player’s total. Well, I am just a beginner when it comes to games. I just started watching football games after attending this class and I understand very little about it. By now I have watched 2 football games and have started understanding it quite a bit. After watching those games I have come into conclusion about what were the qualities that made the wining team win. And they were as follows: Focused: The wining team was much clear about what they exactly wanted out of the game they were playing. i.e. Win or lose.

Proper coordination: The coordination of the team was perfect.

Communication: In the break there was proper communication between the team members. They were formulating plans for playing in the second half of the game.

Ability to Deal with Conflict: Conflict tends to throw a team off of its focus, getting it away from its goals and objectives. By learning to deal with conflict immediately, a team can remain effective at all times.

Roles - who does what on the team were clear. There was a proper planning about who should cover which area and how they should play.

Confidence to win: Team trusted each member and played with confidence.

Team spirit: Team spirit was high and team members were helping each other win the game.

Practice: enough practice is necessary to gain confidence in playing any game. It will help you boost your confidence level and give you confidence to win. Losing team lost because of the following reason:

Over confidence: confidence is good for team work but not overconfidence.

Low confidence...
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