Topics: Management, Strategic planning, Organization Pages: 3 (673 words) Published: March 15, 2013
Managing Organisational Behaviour
Objective: Develop a portfolio based on the analysis of an organization using the theoretical models in this module as point of departure Week 1: In class: getting organised
* As a group identify organisations you have an interest in and to which you have sufficient access to allow you to execute the tasks of this module successfully. Select one organisation. * Decide as a group in what way you will collaborate over the course of 7 weeks. Prepare a work-plan detailing your activities for the coming 7 weeks. Deliverables:

a) Name of the organization and the main channels of access b) Work-plan listing the activities your group will conduct over the next 7 weeks.

Week 2: Managers and organisations - Describing the organisation Prepare a background report on the organisation of your choice taking into account: 1. Main industry, countries of operation, organisation size 2. The main stakeholders of the organization (see page 45 of the book to get an idea of what groups to include). However, try to provide substance here. For example, when it says ‘unions’, explain which unions exactly. 3. Describe in considerable detail the organisation’s main markets and customers / clients? 4. What are the key environmental factors that affect the organization (see pages 51-54)? Deliverable: Background report on chosen organization (± 1000 words)

Week 3+4: Strategy, planning and continuous improvement
Read publicly available company reports to help evaluate the organization. Then identify two people (preferably one manager and one executive) within the organization and interview them individually on the following topics: 1. The organisation’s vision and mission

2. The organisation’s main goals and objectives
3. The organisation’s strategy

Deliverable: Strategic report detailing (±2000 words):
1. The organisation’s main vision and mission. If none is explicitly formulated,...
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