Assigment 2

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  • Published : May 22, 2011
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Answer 1: Saudi Arabia is facing the issue of terrorism today as accusations steaming from rumours of terrorists financing activities which made Saudi Arabia a focus in the global war on terrorism. And business has to make a concern of climate as climate is the most important factor for doing trade because most of the population affects with the climate and regional weather. As Saudi Arabia only deals with Oil because climate only allows them to deal with it greatly and rest of the business are not so well doing in the country.

Answer 2: To help the contract with the payment of $100,000 is legal but Auger should make sure that weather he is making the decision with practical thoughts or just got carried away with the talks of the other party. By making a payment he is also doing business indirectly so he should ensure all the conditions not to be at loss in future.

Answer 3: Auger’s firm is the single firm which is making payment for the contract. He should think that Saudi Arabia does not suffer from any public debts as it completely depends upon the trade of Oil which makes it the world’s largest exporter of Oil. So how could it need the help of payment or how could it suffer from a stock market loss.

Answer 4: Skyblue should make a business with Saudi Arabia’s minister as it could give them the great airline service and also could contribute in some of the employment diverting towards aviation field. In the trade of it he can be under the business of Oil for his airlines.
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