Topics: Music genre, Blues, Jazz Pages: 4 (1128 words) Published: May 25, 2013
Year 10 SRP – 2013 – Connor Schumer-Caldwell
Hypothesis: Listening to music during exercise will improve your physical performance. Aim: To investigate the effectiveness of listening to music whilst performing these two exercises: - Running

- Weight Training/Lifting
Risk Assessment:
| Negligible1| Minor2| Moderate3| Major4| Severe5|
Almost Certain5| | | | | |
Likely4| | | | | |
Reasonably Possible3| Tripping over whilst Running| Not stretching well enough before lifting weights or running resulting in muscle injury| | | | Unlikely2| | | Dehydration/Over-exhaustion during running| Dropping a heavy weighted bar on neck/chest/head | | Rare1| Overuse of legs or arms resulting in muscle damage| | | | Getting hit by a car whilst running|

My Equipment:
* Running Apparel: Supportive running shoes, short aerated clothing (Shorts + T-shirt) * Weight lifting equipment: Dumbbells, Barbell, Bench, Various Weights, aerated clothing (Shorts + T-shirt) * Skipping Rope

* Music playing device /w 3 playlists containing various songs of: Classical/Jazz (Playlist 1), Rock/Metal (Playlist 2), Electronic/Dance (Playlist 3) * Stopwatch
* Calculator

1 Stand still and find pulse
2 Use stopwatch and count the number of pulses/heart beats over the period of 15 seconds 3 Times the number of heartbeats by 4, and record in journal as your ‘Base Heart Rate’ 4 Reset the stopwatch back to 0:00

5 Start stopwatch
6 Run for 5 kilometres non-stop
7 Finish stopwatch and record the time
8 Find your pulse
9 Count the number of pulses over the time of 15 seconds
10 Times the resulting number by 4
11 Record that number as the ‘Peak Heart Rate’
12 Repeat steps 1 through 11 another 7 times, constantly cycling through a different genre of music or no music at all each time. Once all results for each run are gathered, rate each run out of 10.

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