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By | November 2012
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President Andrew Jackson began a whole new era in American History – the Jacksonian Era. Around the time of Jackson’s election was the pivotal decade – a period of time where there was a great change in direction for America. The nation became very inward and started to focus on itself, internally. Examples of this include the market revolution, transportation revolution, and many more, but at the core of these diversifications is the Jacksonian Era, which is prominently known for the advent of universal Whiteman suffrage and profound belief in the common man. Supporters of President Jackson, better known as Jacksonian Democrats, justified their views of themselves as guardians of the United States Constitution by both promoting equality of economic opportunity and expanding political democracy, but failed to do so regarding the issue of individual liberties.

A main characteristic of the Jacksonian era was the fight for the common man against the richer elites. Throughout the entire American history, social stratification has been a prime issue that never ceased to exist. The Jacksonian Era was no different in that it had a small and unchanging upper class. They used their high status and government power to push themselves further and further away from the lower class, becoming ever so rich and allowing the poor to decline into an even lower state. The Jacksonians tackled this issue head on as is evidenced by George Henry Evans, arguing that all men were created equal (Doc. A). In “The Working Men’s Declaration of Independence,” Evans calls the public’s attention to the oppression of the common man by the elite, declaring that it is their duty to act against the upper class who have been abusing their power for their own self-interests. As a direct action to support this, Jackson swiftly vetoed the re-charter of the Bank of the United States (Doc. B). He argued that it was unconstitutional, being merely a method of the elite by which to monopolize the economy...

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