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  • Published : December 8, 2012
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Glengarry Regional Medical center (GlenMed) is an acute care general hospital located in Scotston, a community of 35,000 in the Southwestern United States. Originally found in 1950 with 35 beds, the hospital grew tremendously to a capacity of 55 within three years and reached a capacity of 166 beds five years ago. The expansion of the hospital was due to an economic growth in the region along with a rapid influx of people. Three years ago, the board of directors concluded that major expansion of the hospital was necessary to adequately serve residents in the Scotston and Glengarry County. Due to a rapid economic growth, new patients were experiencing long waits and office hallways had become overflow storage space. GlenMed would expand from a 166 to a 248 bed at an estimated cost of $75 million. Like all public hospitals, GlennMed is governed by a seven-member board and faced ongoing pressure from various groups, including civic political leaders, patients and their families, medical professionals, and medical staff members. The hospital has faced a high turnover ratio with chief executives. Over the past decade, four chief executives have led the hospital three of whom have been within the past five years. While searching for the new CEO, the board appointed Donald Dale as acting after serving as second in command under the previous CEO. Key Issues

New patients experiencing long waits until beds become available is one of the issues brought up in this case. Due to lack of storage space, the hospital has resulted in using the offices and hallways as storage spaces. This is definitely not tolerated and GlennMed is at a risk of losing its license. Arnold Benson, the newly appointed CEO of Glengarry Regional Medical hospital is one of the contributors to the issues that the hospital is facing. Despite his good intentions and directing the hospital to a good direction, his approach is much to be desired. His dismissing and dissolving the advisory...
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