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Plan or review administrative system



SUBMITTED BY:Muneeb ahmed


Question 1
you decide that the first step to be taken is to identify the requirements of the new administration system. your task is to develop a questionnaire to given to each stakeholder including the section managers. These questions will provide you with the information you need to determine the specification and need of your new administration system.

Surname :

first name :

street name :

suburb and postcode :

contact number :

email address :

Do you have a current WA security licence? Yes / No

Do you have a currant WA crowd controllers licence? Yes / No

Do ypu have a current first aid certificate Yes / No

Do you have current firearms endorsement? Yes / No

Do you have reliable transport? Yes / No

Are you prepared to travel for work? Yes / No

Are you authorised to work in Australia? Yes / No

How far? Km's


Day time hours | Yes / No |
Evening hours | Yes / No |
24 hours a day | Yes / No |
Weekdays only | Yes / No |
Weekends only | Yes / No |
7 days a week | Yes / No |

How many years’ experience do you have in security | 0-1 1-2 2-3 3-4 4-5 5+ |

What type of security are you interested in? | |
Security Officer | Yes / No |
Crowd Control | Yes / No |
Both | Yes / No |

What type of employment are you seeking? | |
Full-time | Yes / No |
Part-time | Yes / No |
Casual | Yes / No |
Any of the above | Yes / No |

How competent are you with computers? |
Below average |
Average |
Above average |
Excellent |

Have you attached a Cover Letter? | Yes / No |
If not, why?

Have you attached a Resume? | Yes / No |
If not, why? | |

If you are successful when can you start work? | | Question 2
A number of possible suppliers have been located to provide the administration system that you need. Write an email below addressed to the 'prospective supplier'. Ready to Rock Security Alarms
A number of possible suppliers have been located to provide the administrative system that we need. Below is an email addressed to the “prospective supplier”. To: Prospective suppliers
SUBJECT: Modification of the administrative system
With regards to the above subject, I hereby thank for the interest you have shown to come and work with our organization. I would like to take this opportunity to notify you about the specifications of our company. All we need is to have a real system for the administration. The upgrade of the system should allow all the different sections of the company to have access to client’s information. Furthermore, would you kindly provide us with any details of other benefits that your system offers. Things like if there is any backup system for whatever modification will be done. Finally, following the organizations goals and objectives, our quote should not exceed $10,000 for installation and backup services. We will be looking forward to hear from you.

Muneeb ahmed
Administrative Manager.
b). Specification that address the issues outlined in the questionnaire of Ready to Rock stakeholders is as follows; Problem definition
The problem with the system is that there is no “real system” and central record held for sales accessible by all departments. This is due to the fact that the five sections of the company each creates and keeps their own paper-based customer files. Furthermore, client information is not accessible to all of the companies’ personnel who need it. Proposed Solution (for new or modified administrative system) To create a central record system and to make the client...
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