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  • Published : May 4, 2013
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Chemical Use Assessment/History and Treatment Recommendations Rebecca Hockaday
Liberty University

Chemical Use Assessment/History and Treatment Recommendations In this paper I will make an assessment of Jay W. in regards to his drug use/abuse and evaluate him for treatment recommendations. My assessment will involve an interview with Jay W. in order to determine the scope of the problem and evaluate him for a possible substance use disorder. In the event that Jay W. is found to have a substance use disorder, I will then continue with treatment recommendations. Reason for Assessment

Jay W. was born May 2, 1991. The parents’ names are Don and Beth W. Beth reported a normal pregnancy with no complications during labor and delivery. Jay developed normally meeting all developmental milestones earlier than the average; he was described as above average developmentally. In school Jay was in the gifted and talented program and maintained an A average with very little effort. Jay was referred for assessment after flunking out of college in his first year. Jay’s parents are concerned that his drinking has become a problem and is interfering with his life aspirations to become a chemical engineer. Although he is here, Jay is not completely cooperative. The threat of losing his parent’s financial support appears to be the motivating factor. Sources of Information

Jay W. and his parents Beth and Don W. were interviewed during this intake process. Background Information
Jay’s father Don is a neurosurgeon, his mother Beth is a research scientist. During the interview Beth described Don as a, “functional alcoholic”. When Don was not on call he was described by Beth as displaying heavy drinking patterns and binge drinking. Three years prior to this interview, Don quit drinking when he realized that his son Jay had a problem. The parents report that Jay started drinking at the age of twelve. Their description of Jay’s drinking was at first experimental and progressing to a cause for concern. Both Jay and his parents seem to have viewed his early drinking years as, “normal teenage behavior”. Jay’s parents state that their concern increased greatly when Jay was drinking and driving and totaled his first vehicle two weeks after his sixteenth birthday. Jay was charged with DUI and lost his driver’s license. Jay seemed to minimize this event by stating that he had several friends who had lost their driver’s license. Current Status

In this section I will consider all of the factors involved in determining the severity of the problem the diagnostic evaluation and the recommendations for treatment for Jay. The information in this section is broken down into several different categories and evaluated to determine use/abuse/dependency issues. Indicators of Use/Abuse/Dependency

The use of a substance does not necessarily indicate a substance use disorder. As well the abuse of a substance does not necessarily indicate an addiction to that same substance. ( Doweiko, 2012 ) There are several diagnostic criteria put forth to determine use/abuse and dependency or addiction. In this section I will look at some of these factors.

Attitudes and behaviors
Jay’s current behavior is very haphazard, he has flunked his first year of college even though he was an established A student prior to entering college. Jay has been cutting classes and does not believe that his drinking has anything to do with the fact that he is flunking out of college. Jay admits that he drinks a minimum of a 12 pack on the weekend and states that he only spends 75 dollars on alcohol per week, however his parents give him a thousand dollars a month which he states is not enough money and admits that it usually does not last through the month. Jay states that he only drinks on the weekends but Jay also admits that his weekends usually start on Thursday and end on Monday. Jay’s attitude toward all of the behaviors and consequences has been to...
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