Assessment of a Conflict Situation

Topics: Nursing, Conflict, Conflict resolution Pages: 6 (2167 words) Published: June 25, 2011
Assessment of a Conflict Situation
NURS 6220 Section 2, Human Resource Management
April 16, 2011

Assessment of a Conflict Situation
The purpose of this paper is to identify a conflict situation provide an analysis of each of the following related to a conflict situation: parties involved, events/issues, power, regulation and conflict and style of conflict management. This analysis should include defining variables and answers to assessment questions as appropriate. Conflict

“Conflict is generally viewed negatively as a power struggle, with the intent to neutralize, injure or eliminate rivals” (Sportsman, 2005, p. 34). As nurse leaders it is important to have the knowledge, skills and abilities in several areas including conflict negotiation and resolution to lead and effectively manage conflict and change (American Nurses Association [ANA], 2009). The conflict that I will describe is situation that arose one evening while a nurse was performing on-call duties for a homecare agency. The nurse received a call from the lab with stat lab values some of which were abnormal. After reviewing the patients orders and seeing that the patient was admitted to the agency 2 hours prior to the on-call nurse receiving the report, the nurse proceeded to call the ordering physician to report the lab values more specifically the abnormal values as this nurse had requested the lab also fax a copy of all the results to the ordering physician. Upon calling the ordering physician, the nurse was directed to call the local hospital and have the resident doctor on-call paged. The nurse proceeded to call the resident doctor on-call. Once the doctor returned the call he was very upset that the nurse had called him with the abnormal lab values because he did not feel they were that bad and that the nurse could have called in the morning to report the information. To give a better understanding of time the nurse received the lab information at 10:12 pm and made the call to the doctor by 10:30 pm. The nurse tried to explain that it was her obligation to follow the written orders of the ordering physician and to provide reasonable and prudent care on behalf of the patient. The doctor went on to say that he knew what the nurse was trying to do but it did not require the nurse to call at that time and he wanted the nurse to have her supervisor to call him first thing in the morning. The nurse explained that she would have the supervisor to call. The next morning the on-call nurse did call the nurse administrator on-call and explained the conflict that had arisen the night before. The nurse administrator could not believe that the doctor felt this way and told the nurse based on the information given the nurse had done no wrong. She did tell the nurse that she would follow-up with the doctor and would advise the nurse of the outcome. Parties Involved

There are several characteristics of conflict and these include: “At least two parties involved in some kind of interaction, mutually exclusive goals or mutually exclusive values exist, either in fact or as perceived by the parties involved, interaction is characterized by behavior destined to defeat, reduce or oppress the opponent or to gain a mutually designated victor, the parties fact each other with mutually opposing actions and counteractions and each party attempts to create an imbalance or relatively favored position of power vis-à-vis the other”(Roussel & Swanburg, 2009, p. 280).” In this conflict there are 3 types of conflict participants. There are the primary parties, which are, “Parties who believe their goals are incompatible, yet they directly interact with one another in pursuit of these goals” (Sportsman, 2005, p. 34). The primary parties involved include, the on-call nurse, the ordering physician and the nurse administrator of the homecare agency. The secondary parties are, “Parties who have an indirect stake in the outcome of the conflict, but...
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