Assessment of Urban Market for Redevelopment

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The market is a regular gathering of people for the purchase and sale of provisions, livestock and other commodities; it can be an open space or covered building where vendors commune to sell their goods to consumers. (Hodder 1965: 57) According to Adam Smith, “The division of labour is limited by the extent of the market. The market is the key to specialization. Firms cannot specialize in particular product lines, or particular steps of production, if they are not able to sell a sufficient quantity of their output. It is the growth of the market that accelerates both the emergence of new production methods and the growth of the firms and industries that exploit these methods. The market does not just allocate resources—it stimulates innovation too for this reason the market is one of the major keys to urban development. 1.2 BACKGROUND

Abora is one of the towns under Cape Coast metropolis and its market is the second largest in the metropolis after the Kotokuraba market. The Cape Coast ABORA market was established to help reduce the volume of people and traffic that move to the Kotokuraba market for various economic reasons which created congestion at the market and heavy traffic at the CBD aside the its function mentioned above. The ABORA market was to serve as an alternative for the Kotokuraba market for the increasing population of the people of Cape Coast living in and around Abora which included students and staffs of the University Of Cape Coast, Cape Coast Polytechnic, Wesley Girls High School and so many others. The ABORA market and its surrounding commercial buildings was to serve as a form of a CBD to relieve the people of the stress of being in long traffic for some few ingredients for a chicken stew in which they end up wasting time and energy which could have channelled to an aspect of the economy for a more economic gain for the individual and the city at large.

The Cape Coast Abora market is situated in a mixed used neighbourhood for that matter it’s in a traffic congestion prone area. From my study shopping centers evolved without the provision of parking lot because there was no automobiles at that time but as time passed automobiles were introduced and design of shopping centers took a shift with the design of car parks incorporated in the design. A successful market as argued out by Partners for Livable communities is one that can blend both social and economic needs of the people so as some people are shopping others might be having social interaction and will definitively mean traffic congestion because a lot of people will be coming to the market but then Cox said if the objective is to allow as many people as possible to access as many activities as meet their needs in as little time as possible, then the occasional loss of free-flow traffic conditions may be a productive compromise. Now Alfonso 2011, said markets connect the natural world to the urban environment, and the two-way connection raises hopes in both, that farm-land and food systems will be preserved, that individual health will be enhanced, and that the natural and local will complement the developed and global urban environment. In his view, the marketplace represents one route to community redevelopment in the large sense. The Cape Coast Abora market has issues with parking leading to traffic congestion which eventually leads to customer frustration making Cox principle true. This eventually leads to the fact that the Cape Coast Abora market is not in line with the standards of a successful market as defined by Partners for livable communities and Alfonso 2011.

1. To identify the existing situations of the Abora market 2. To identify the causes of the encroachment of the road by the sellers 3. To produce design proposals for improvement of the Abora...
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