Assessment of Selected Secondary School Students in Ibadan North Lga, on Their Knowledge, Perception and Relevance of Sex Education

Topics: Human sexual behavior, Human sexuality, Sexual intercourse Pages: 7 (2382 words) Published: March 12, 2013


Setting – Population – Educational Institutions Secondary school students in Ibadan North L.G.A, Oyo State, Nigeria

Intervention – None Comparison – Association between sex education and perceptions of the students towards premarital sex Evaluation Students’ knowledge and perception of sex education in formal school settings

INTRODUCTION The Nigerian society today has to grapple with many behavioural problems of its youth. Such problems include truancy, disobedience, drug offences, assault, insult, stealing, violent demonstrations, vandalism, examination malpractices, robbery, and secret cult activities. 1 Apart from these widely publicized behavioural problems, heterosexual activities are also listed among types of behavioural problems prevalent in Nigerian secondary schools. These are variously named in the literature as sex abuse, sex offences, sexual misconduct, sexual immorality, sexual promiscuity, and sexual maladjustment. It has been observed that in terms of behavioural problems, sex abuse appeared to be one of the most serious offences committed by children and adolescents. 1 This has been supported with a United Nation’s information on reproductive health, which shows that many Nigerian girls are known to start involvement in active sex at the early age of thirteen years. 2 The age of initial sexual experience and involvement thus becomes younger than fifteen years as found in the past. 3 Today’s situation shows a sharp contrast to the traditional Nigerian societal context in which girls avoided pre-marital sexual experiences for fear of social punishments usually meted out to girls who lost their virginity before marriage. Over 50% of the global cases of HIV and AIDS were recorded for persons aged 15 - 24 and over 60% of the cases occurred in sub-Saharan Africa, which constitutes 10% of the world population4. Nigeria has an estimated population of 140 million with an annual growth rate of 1.99% 5. Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa, has a predominantly youthful population. One quarter (25%) of all Africans and one-third of the continents’ adolescent population live in Nigeria.6 Adolescent constitute a high risk group in terms of sexual and reproductive health problems. The adolescence stage is a time when many young people exhibit risky sexual behaviors that are life-changing such as sex initiation, multiple and concurrent partnership, low contraceptive use and risky sexual practices. All these predispose young people to HIV and sexually transmitted infections. This has been argued to be often overlooked or viewed through a lens of cultural values that limit care.7

About 30 million women are in the reproductive age group and contraceptive prevalence rate is 15%.8 Nigeria has a high total fertility rate of 5.78 and about 610,000 unsafe abortions occur annually. 9 A major issue of concern is that more than 60% of teenagers are sexually active and of the 610,000 induced abortions in Nigeria, 60% are attributed to young persons. 10 In Nigeria, more than 60% of new HIV infections occur in youths ages 15 to 25. This takes place against a background in which one-third of the country’s population of about 160 million is aged 10-24 years.11 It has been reported that there is minimal access to proven sexuality, family life or HIV and AIDS education that would help them become sexually healthy adults, practice safe sexual behavior, and reduce unintended pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) including HIV. 6 Also noted are lack of information and lack of voice, which continue to be primary causes of infection among the worst affected groups of women and youth adolescent. They also face multiple barriers to accessing reproductive and sexual health services and...
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