Assessment of Practicum Program

Topics: Experience, Take That, Psychology Pages: 3 (850 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Assessment of Practicum Program

I had my practicum program at AV Tidoso and Company, a one company I’ll always be thankful of working with. They did not only impart to me memorable experiences and insights but they also helped me in my growth and maturity. With all the experiences and constructive criticisms I had with them, I can say that I have grown emotionally and mentally. They taught me a lot of things that school can never provide. They’re like family to me and being in the office is like being in my home.

Before, I thought that the people working in the office are always serious, stressed and stiff. But what the people in Tidoso showed me is exactly the opposite. They’re all like any other normal human being who worries on simple problems like a lost pen or eraser. They laugh on everything even on the smallest things. They’re all friendly, jolly, and easy to deal with. I am indeed so blessed to have my first working experience with these people who all have bright minds and great personality.

I’ll never forget the experiences I had last December 27-29, 2012. It’ like a rollercoaster ride for me. I’ve been in hell for awhile, then after a day, my resurrection. Well, it all began from that one simple task they gave me. Maybe, it’s easy for them but for me, that task was like painting a self-portrait. It involves thorough analysis and professional judgment which I have not developed yet. That is why, it took me days just to finish a set of financial statements. Because of my performance, I can’t blame my supervisor for talking about my inefficiencies, who, in turn, is just pressured with all the upcoming deadlines. This motivates me to be better and faster. So after that incident, I am truly grateful and proud to say that I was able to finish two sets of financial statements with its respective working papers and notes, and was able to have an inventory counting in just one day. What a great comeback, so to say; and that, my...
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