Assessment of Fire Safety Law Implementation

Topics: Local government, Occupational safety and health, Fire protection Pages: 30 (9357 words) Published: January 31, 2012

A Thesis Proposal Submitted to the Faculty of the Political Science Department College of Social Sciences and Philosophy Bicol University

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Degree in Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

By: Ram Derick S. Balde Nigel Paul D. Arranzado


Chapter 1 The Problem and its Setting

Introduction The horrendous probability of fire starting at any time of the day , any minute and anywhere is recognized by the government that resulted to the issuance of Presidential Decree 1185 otherwise known as the Fire Code of the Philippines by President Ferdinand Marcos and was the fire safety reference for over three decades. Fires of long ago were fierier and fast burning than before with the onset of new construction materials and make of appliances. Lightweight, plastic The often-

based materials are more flammable than wood and concrete.

repeated line "It's better to be safe than sorry" has become more relevant today than it has since the advancement of technology. Fire safety is the central focus of all and the concern of everyone, young and old, from factory owners and other manufacturing establishments, malls, offices, schools, universities, etc for the health and safety of shoppers, students as well as employees. The advancement of science and modern technology rendered PD 1185 antiquated and thus to meet today’s and future more pressing fire safety problems , it was amended by Republic Act 9514 entitled ‘ an Act Establishing a Comprehensive Fire Code of the Philippines, otherwise known as the New Fire

Code of 2008.

The new code necessitates the installation of Fire Detection

Alarm System (FDAS) and Automatic Fire Sprinkler System (AFSS) which makes our fire protection capability at par with those of other countries.

Such is the need for fire protection that the Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary Ronnie V. Puno has said that a sustained modernization program for the Bureau of Fire Protection is now guaranteed because the BFP’s 80% share of the projected P1 billion to P1.5 billion in annual revenues from the fire code fees will be dedicated to modernization. Puno made this assurance as he bared that “more fire fighting personnel will be hired every year to boost the firefighting manpower of this critical public safety agency.” Under Republic Act 9514, or the Revised Fire Code of the Philippines, the BFP retains 80% of the estimated P1 billion to P1.5 billion in fire code fees, thereby providing an institutional money pool to fund the BFP’s modernization program.

Abroad, the State Fire Marshal's Office of California keeps statistics for the entire state through the California Fire Incident Reporting System (CFIRS). A

review of these statistics for the twenty year period, 1974-1994, showed an improving fire safety picture for the state. According to the National Fire Protection Sprinkler Association June, 1997, newsletter "The population of the state increased 33.7% during this time, to 31.9 million, but total fires dropped 48.7% and the total number of residential fires dropped 58%. On top of this, the civilian deaths and injuries dropped by 52.8% and 43.4% respectively. Obviously, smoke detectors and fire sprinklers have

begun to show their real life saving potential in this state." Most experts believe, and formal studies confirm, that the primary reasons why the death and injury rate has decreased so dramatically are due to fire prevention inspection programs, widespread use of smoke detectors and the increasing installation of sprinkler systems in both commercial and residential buildings. 1 Similarly, advocacy programs on safety and prevention were intensified to keep-in-check fire incidents. Education on fire safety and prevention needs to be consistently prioritized in the Philippines given the large number of fires that occur throughout the...
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