Assessment of Attributing Factors to Students' Competency in Mathematics

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Chapter 1

Mathematics is one of the fundamental topics in school curricula. Student should be taught the essence of the subject to prepare them for their future. In this case, what they have learned must be applied and used in the real life situations. Indeed mathematics, is an important subject because the skills that the students get from it can be used as a tool to solve some problems they might encounter in daily life.

Attaining the quality of students’ performance is a top priority of the teacher. But there are times that teacher feel like they are ineffective especially when their students got failed on the assessment of learning. After those bundles of effort they have prepared like making the lesson plan, selection and use of teaching strategies and instructional materials, etc. still their students fail to attain the goals or objectives of the lesson. For the teachers not to feel the frustrations from this kind of situation, they must take into consideration some external or environmental factors that affect the students’ performance. The home-environment situation is an accepted factor that contributes towards the Mathematics performance of the students.

According to Brenda B. Corpuz (2007) in her book “Principles of Teaching 1”, the principal elements that make teaching and learning possible and attainable are the teachers, the learners, and a conducive learning environment. Without one, there could be no teaching nor will there be learning of a desired objective. Only when a positive relationship exists among them can teaching and learning occur with precision and predictability.

The teacher serves as the prime mover of the educational wheel while the learners are the key participants in the learning process. The favorable environment provides essential features and ingredients that could make headway in guiding the processes and methodologies needed for a smooth linkage among the three.

Theoretical Framework
Lewin’s (1951) Topological and Vector Theory states that, “what forces influence a situation. It claims that forces are either driving or blocking movement toward the goal. The behavior that an individual manifests at a particular point in time is the product of existing focus which simultaneously happens in his life space. The internal forces that affect the learning include the ideas, expectations, feeling attitude, and needs of the child while the external forces are the psychological environment including other human beings that are around the individual. In this study, the school, the teacher, and home-environment related factors considered to be the external forces that affect the students’ performance in Mathematics. The student related factor or Mathematics self-concept of the child which is considered hereditary and cognitive by nature is the internal force. Conceptual Framework

The input of this study’s paradigm is performance of the student respondent in terms of a Division Achievement Test affected by the attributing factors namely student, teacher, school, and home-environment related factor. The process is the evaluation of the level of performances in Mathematics of selected 4th year students. The researchers will personally administer the questionnaire to the respondents, observe and interview them to gather the data needed in the study. The output includes the suggested measures to be employed so that difficulties in Mathematics will be minimized and students’ performance will be improved.

Level of performance in the achievement test in mathematics.Attributing factors on students’ weaknesses on mathematics- Student factor- Teacher factor- School factor- Home-environment factor|

- Questionnaire- Interview- Observation|

Suggested measures to be adapted for the reduction of weaknesses in Mathematics:- Give more examples in different topics to be discussed.- Evaluate students at the end of...
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