Assessment Methods

Topics: Assessment, Educational psychology, Problem solving Pages: 5 (1358 words) Published: November 7, 2010
Critically evaluate a range of assessment methods for a specific group of learners.

The 12 principles of Good Assessment and Feedback were produced by Academic Policy Committee and agreed by Senate in 2008. They are intended to help academic staffs who wishes to promote student engagement and self-regulation in learning 12/05/2010 The principles of good assessment are

Help clarify what good performance is.
Encourage 'time and effort' on challenging learning tasks.
Deliver high quality feedback information that helps learners self-correct. Provide opportunities to close any gap between current and desired performance. Ensure that summative assessment has a positive impact on learning. Encourage interaction and dialogue around learning (peer and teacher-student) Facilitate the development of self-assessment and reflection in training Give choice in the topic, method, criteria, weighting or timing of assessments Involve students in decision-making about assessment policy and practice Support the development of learning communities

Encourage positive motivational beliefs and self-esteem
Provide information to teachers that can be used to shape teaching. `An assessment must be consistent, accessible, detailed, earned and transparent. These principles form the acronym CADET.( Linda Wilson 2009) C-Consistent

There are certain basic assessment rules. Though there are different ways of assessing anyone assessing should have something to measure on. In my classes these are given by the awarding body The Association of Business Executives. The assessments have o be valid and relevant ,reliable, authentic, sufficient, objective and power of Discrimination. Assessment relationships to

The following assessment methods are used for my Diploma students in Level 5 in Economics class and the assessment methods encompass these principles.(MCQ) Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) MMMMMMMMCQ)) Multiple choice questions

Often referred to as 'objective' tests (in terms of their marking), this method can sample a wide range of knowledge and memory quickly and has the potential for measuring understanding, analysis, problem solving skills and evaluative skills. There are a wide variety of formats from true/false to reason/assertion. Multiple Choice Questions are easy to mark and analyse results. They are useful in terms of their ease of administration with large numbers of students, especially where marking is to be done by assistants rather than the test-setter. Computer marking and web-administered tests for Multiple Choice Questions are well-established. They are also useful for self assessment and screening. Multiple Choice Questions have potentially high reliability, validity and manageability, and feedback to students is fast. Constructivism calls for the elimination of grades and standardized testing. Instead, assessment becomes part of the learning process so that students play a larger role in judging their own progress. Short Answer questions

A standard method using slightly less structured questions than those in Multiple Choice Questions. They are frequently used in the mock examination conducted by me to award a few marks as a 'starter', which is then followed by a question which requires more writing. Although they have the potential for measuring analysis, application of knowledge, problem-solving and evaluative skills, more often than not their construction means they only test the lower cognitive levels. Marking to model answers is relatively fast compared with marking problems but not compared with Multiple Choice Questions. They are convenient to use when a number of assessors will mark the papers, and all alternatives can be considered. Marking for feedback (e.g. with formative assessment) can be relatively fast. Single Essay Examination:

These are relatively...
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