Assessment in Education

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  • Published : April 26, 2013
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Assesment in Education
Assessment is the process of collecting information about how students learn and how they perform to improve education. Assessing students’ performance can be done through many ways such as formal or informal, individual or collective assessments. When we come to children Assessment is important because of all decisions which will be made about children when teaching and caring for them. Decisions facing our teachers at the beginning involve how best to educate children. You will be called every day to make decisions before, during, and after your teaching. Whereas some of these decisions will seem simple and inconsequential, others will be influencing the life course of children. All of assessment decisions taken as a whole will direct and alter children’s learning outcomes. Below outlines for you some purposes of assessment and how assessment can enhance your teaching and student learning. All of these purposes are important; if we use assessment procedures appropriately, we will help all children learn well. When assessing children teachers should put into consideration the age of children. Assessment of young children should include the full range of early learning and development, physical, social and emotional development and cognition and general knowledge. Methods of assessment should put into consideration children familiar contexts to be able to demonstrate children’s abilities. As I am more of emotional person as a learner I had both positive and negative experience. About the positive experience I was around six to seven years old when my KG teachers were teaching me how to perform in front of the whole school to present the morning program of the school it was me and my friends turn that time and I still remember how confident I felt that time. On the other side when I was about ten years old and our Arabic teacher asked us to memorize some parts of Quran, my Arabic teacher used to hit children who were not good at...
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