Assessment Criteria Unit Hsc 024

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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AssessmentCriteria| Questions and answers|
3.2| Many agencies can be identified in the role of safeguarding and protecting individuals. Considering Anchor as an organisation, his role here would be to protect the individual rights and choice, enforcing the person centred values, and in case of any abuse Investigation and report have to be done, and perhaps Local authority may be as well involved, depending on the case. The local authority role would be in coordinating and monitory investigations, overseeing the convening of safeguarding case conferences, providing information about activities and outcomes to the safeguard coordinator. We can also involve the police which role would be to allocate a named person from statutory agencies in health and social care; they also have the responsibility for overseeing the safeguarding assessment and its outcome.| 4.2| Making the complaints procedures accessible to the individuals helps in reducing the likelihood of abuse in the sense that: we respect the individual values such as their choice, dignity, privacy, independence, respect, etc. By doing so, their vulnerability is decreased, hence their confidence increased, we involve them in making their own decisions and choices, we can also recognise their right to participate in activities and relationships in everyday life. Encourage the individual to be independent as much as possible. | | |

AssessmentCriteria| Questions and answers|
5.1| Different practises may affect the well-being of individuals; Ideally my day to day job involves a lot of manual handling as well as moving and handling, medication administration, personal care, laundry, waste to be empty, etc. A poor moving and handling of the individual can easily affect their well-being, which can result to an injury and accident. Also not ensuring they individuals take their medication expose them to a poor health, hence they can have their health deteriorating. Moreover, not disposing the...
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