Assessment Criteria for Acct Position Paper

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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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LABU 2051Fall 2012
Assessment Criteria for ACCT Position Paper

|Task Completion |Organization |Language Use | |Choice of Focus, Analysis and Coverage |Overall |Have you used: | |Have you: |Is the paper organized clearly such that it is easy |- grammar points emphasized in | |- chosen a specific focus and set a scope |to read and understand? |the case: | |which is clear and manageable within | |reporting verbs, passive/active | |the word limit, and |Is the paper sequenced logically such that the line |voice, | |- covered most major aspects of the |of reasoning is easy to follow? |transitions precisely; | |topic adequately despite the word | | | |limit, taking care to ensure a good |Is the paper highly coherent and cohesive? |- language which is free from | |balance among the key points? | |grammatical errors; and | | | | | |Relevance and Interpretation of Materials |Thesis statement |- some vocabulary emphasized in | |Have you:...
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